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Meet Dr. Katie King

Discovering the Power of Natural Wellness

Dr. Katie’s journey into chiropractic began after she was rear-ended at 17. Crippling back pain made it hard for her to walk or sit through classes. She made a complete health comeback after a chiropractor restored her neck.

Natural health care continued to catch her attention when one chiropractor helped her immobilized poodle get back on her legs in two minutes. Years later, another chiropractor restored the function in Dr. Katie’s wrist after another car accident. After that, she decided to study natural health care at Logan College of Chiropractic so she could learn from professors who did human and  animal chiropractic. Dr. Katie graduated in December 2007 and started practicing in January 2008.

Caring for Humans & Animals

Now she cares for both human and animal patients. Her veterinary experience helps her provide better chiropractor care for people. Animals can’t tell you where the pain is, so Dr. Katie had to find the hidden cause of dysfunction on her own. As a result, she has developed greater expertise and confidence in her knowledge of the body. At the same time, she’s willing to explore new approaches to find whatever works for you.

Care for the Whole Person

Dr. Katie is passionate about teaching her patients simple changes, like a daily stretching routine, to make a huge difference. A lifelong learner, she is working on her Diplomate from the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. She does a lot of volunteer work, like serving as the medical director for Hoof Woof and Meow Animal Rescue.

Along with her husband and daughter, Dr. Katie loves gardening, swimming, and staying active. An animal lover, she has a dog and six fish.

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